Usually in our homes, walls occupy most of the space, yet people don’t consider the potential of the space. We need to understand the importance of walls that can redefine your living spaces which is well known by an architectural design company. From basic wall construction to choosing a paint type and finishes, knowing these elements can change the room’s ambiance. So dive into the world of textures, paneling and wall coverings to express creativity and personality. Also, learning about artifacts and lighting can upgrade your walls, changing them into symbols of style and character. Now it’s the time to show the wall’s attention it deserves.

Life to walls

Walls constitute about 12% of the total built-up area. The major work of a designer is focused on the walls in each room. Most of the time the wall is hidden behind a functional object like a TV panel, wardrobe, bookshelf, etc. When you approach the contractor for your interior, he’ll fix all the wooden units required by you and finish the project. But a little focus on the walls can uplift the entire house and that is what your Architect can do. There are so many things you can do to elevate a wall.

Types of Paint

1. Wall is constructed with brick & cement plaster and hence an extensive labour oriented work. You tend to get undulation based on the person who worked at site on that day. Hence it is always advisable to do putty on the wall. It is a white cement powder made of polymer which is mixed with water to make a paste. This paste when applied on the wall, it will hide all the undulation and give a smooth surface. Always advisable to do putty before painting.

2. We also do one coat primer on the putty surface so that the paint can adhere to the wall better & have a longer life.

3. Then we can do 2 coats of paint of any shade you prefer. This paint can be

  • Oil paint : Oil paint give a smooth & shiny wall finish. It is easy to clean the walls when we use oil paint. Hence we recommend this for heavy foot fall places like hospitals & showroom
  • Enamel Paint : This is also glossy & is used where we need water resistance like bathroom, kitchen, grills etc. This can also be used in the high traffic area. The colour palette is restricted to bold & bright colours.
  • Emulsion : This is majorly used for walls as well as ceiling. It has a wide variety of palette to choose from. It’s a water based paint & hence drying process is faster. This stays vibrant over a long period of time.
  • Cement Paint : This is known as distemper and have been in use for a very long time. It is available even in power form. It is a cement based paint. Nowadays we suggest this for exterior.

Types of Finishes

1. Glossy Finish : This is very shiny because it reflects most of the light. Hence the surface stays vibrant.

2. Matte Finish : This actually gives a sober look to the room. Matte finish generally merges with the rest of the room as it doesn’t reflect the light.

3. Texture Finish : There are a lot of types of textures that are available. This gives a depth to the walls instead of a smooth surface. This gives a 3D design pattern and hence can be used based on your taste. Any color can be applied over the texture & hence we have a wide range to choose from. This is a little expensive and hence we suggest exterior walls and living room walls to elevate your building architecture design.

4. Satin Finish : This is a mix of Gloss & matte & hence have a silk finish. This gives an elegant look to the walls.

Wall Covering

1. Paint : This is the cheapest option that is available & based on the budget you can choose from any type of paint as discussed above.

2. Paneling : Paneling can be done with wood or any readymade boards that are available. Finishes can be any material which goes along with the other interior.

3. Can be cladded with stones – either artificial or natural. This again depends on the budget as well as the design theme

4. Wall paper can be used as a cheaper option instead of heavy paneling.


Artifacts can go a long way in exposing your character and enhance the wall. It can be a simple wall clock or a mirror or a painting or an artwork. This shows who you are and we need to have utmost care in deciding what to display on the walls. The best part is that it can be changed from time to time as your taste changes. Every time you change an artifact it gives a new look to the environment.


We can add wall lights to enhance the wall. There are a lot of different wall lights that are available. We can use wall washers like up or down lighters which will just wash the wall with a beam of light. We can also use fancy lights to improve upon the aesthetics.Just by adding a proper wall finish with good artifacts & light, the room can be elevated.


On the whole, We usually forget about the potential of our walls which can be strongly utilized by an architectural design company. As they consider walls as blank spaces that can be used to transform the home, not just a boundary inside a home. From choosing the correct paint colors to including personalized finishes, giving the option to make the home more lively. So think about enhancing the walls and making them into a special space reflecting our personal touch.