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At IDAS, we are visionaries and craftsmen committed to the art of transforming everyday spaces into extraordinary works of art. Our mission commences with a profound vision, one that aspires to mold a future in which every environment serves as a place for creativity, a testament to functionality, and a celebration of beauty.

In the world of design, we construct dreams into reality. Our creative process unfolds like a captivating story, where each architectural endeavor is a unique chapter. We carefully curate each element, considering not just aesthetics but also the practicality and functionality that enrich the human experience. By blending people’s imagination with the precision of an architect, we give life to spaces that speak to the soul. At IDAS, our commitment is to craft living designs that evoke emotions, inspire awe, and enrich lives.

Transforming Minds

Design Excellence. Sustainable. Client-Centric. Transparent.

Our Purpose


At IDAS, our commitment lies in fostering the symbiotic well-being of both humanity and the environment through our innovative living designs. Each project we embark on embodies our mission to seamlessly unite groundbreaking creativity with sustainable principles. We have a goal to lead the architectural realm in innovation, transforming every space we craft into human advancement and ecological concordance. We pledge to craft immersive living experiences that resonate with enduring significance. Our designs are driven by a sense of responsibility and boundless creativity that fuels our vision.


We envision a future where architecture is
beyond building structures. It’s spaces that
improve people’s lives. Our Vision is to be
the pioneers in architectural innovation,
pushing boundaries and redefining possibilities.


We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations
by creating Spatial edifices and experiences
that are both beautiful and practical, while
also being mindful of our environmental impact.
We are committed to delivering the highest quality
services, and are always looking for new ways
to innovate and improve.

Our Leader

At IDAS, our esteemed leader is a visionary, consistently pushing the boundaries
of architectural innovation. Her leadership serves as a source of inspiration,
setting the tone for the transformative work we undertake.

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Sujatha V

founder & CEO

Sujatha, the brain behind Intouch Designs and Services (IDAS), is a Hardcore Professional with a Bachelors Degree in Engineering. As an Individual she is more a creative person and with the engineering background it was easy to give wings to her designs ideas.She joined Jain Housing & Construction in the year 2004 and headed their interior division. With her stringent quality process she was able to expand their business in a short period.

To carve a niche for herself she started Intouch, a proprietary firm, in 2006. Intouch focused on interior projects in residential segment, office spaces, institution and retail.

Residential interior showed that people are more interested in giving the best for their kids room and hence she started Cozee Kids, a proprietary firm, in 2009, a separate vertical which focused on kid’s room interiors & products for kids.
She became the Creative Director of Intouch Construction Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. which was launched in 2010 and headed the Architectural team for their in-house projects.

IDAS, a design house, was launched in 2013. It is only her passion, perseverance, zeal and exuberance to create functional spaces with an uncompromising touch of class in every single project from day one, till today, continuously for nearly 2 decades, that has made IDAS what it is today.

With more than 200 projects to her credit, she still remains the same old person, with an ever smiling face and an untiring heart that always wants to value add to her customers. She understands the customer needs and give life to their dream. In the past 2 decades, She has catered to the Architectural and Interior requirements of almost all the sectors like Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Offices, Institutional, Recreational, etc. Undoubtedly she is one of the best designers the industry has produced in the recent past. Her core strength has always been in Functional Space planning, which by itself is 60% of the overall design. She always believes that, if you can get the Functionality covered in the given space, rest is just a matter of extension of the same creativity. If there is something unique about her, it is her turnaround time. Always sticking to deadlines and commitments is not easy unless that is a part of your inner self.

With more than 200 customers who can vouch for her Design Quality, Cost Effective Designs, Aesthetical sense, Functional mastery, Mind blowing ideas, she is obviously a one stop solution for all your Design needs.

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Transforming Visions into Reality

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Inspiring and transforming spaces
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Mrs. Padma Venkatrangan

Marketing management

Raj kumar

Marketing management

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