Traveling and understanding the world of layout design is an interesting and detailed process in which we have to balance between dreams and rules. This process starts with learning the shape of the land and water flows. Then, think about roads and materials that need to be used, electricity and water pipes. Also, they consider ideas of creating parks and playgrounds and work on spacing a room. To know more about layout designs let’s understand the process and progress involved in architecture and interior design company. It’s all about creating a happy and healthy community!

Design aspects of Layout Design

When we start working on a layout, we give our suggestion – our expectation from that land parcel. But the final layout is what the government planner confirms. We get approval for the plan given by the DTCP planner. So what exactly do we design in a layout?


First & foremost we need to study the contour of the property. This gives us the dimensions of the terrestrial surface. We can get to know the levels of the ground surface at regular intervals and how it is grading. This is very important parameter for design.

Road Levels

When we get the road pattern, we need to fix the levels of the road. The contour reading comes handy in this process. Generally we take the existing road as the reference point & arrive at a slope which is convenient for that property. The idea of the road slope is that water cannot stagnate anywhere within the property. There needs to be a flow from one end to the other through different inner roads & finally let out. Some projects, the site might need filling to match the existing road & this becomes a costly affair. If the customer is not willing to spend on filling we need to check if we can slope the road in the natural level and form some pattern for flow of water.


To fix the road the following needs to be addressed.

1. The finish of the road has to be finalized. It can be either bitumen, concrete, mud or paver road. Based on the finish, the levels needs to be fixed. Details for road marking along with splay needs to be done.

2. Electrical layout has to be planned. It can be overhead or underground cable. Based on this the design of road has to be fixed. We can run electrical cables on either side of the road from which the street lights can be connected. In that case we need to plan for the manhole chambers for maintenance. The power & switch for the street lights needs to be coordinated with the electricity board as it will be handed to them after completion. Planning for electrical input for every plot will be tedious as we might not know what the owner will construct when he buys the land.

3. Plumbing has to be accessed. In case we have metro and sewage connection we need to coordinate with CMWSSB, so that we can lay pipes before we do the roads. Else the road has to be dug once again after handing over. Some places the drain for waste water has to be managed in front of the plots. When we do a drain we need to check the flow as well as the collection point.

4. After so many features on either side of the road if we can manage a small line for landscape, it will elevate the entire layout.

So we generally plan a small line of landscape along the plot boundary, then a walkway below which the electrical & plumbing are planned at 2 different levels.


We generally don’t have space for amenities as every bit of land is planed either as road or plot. Some properties we might get the corners which is not in proper shape for plot. Hence would be marked as owners share. This can be converted into landscape area or any amenities based on the size.
The OSR can be designed and amenities can be planned in that area. Though it is gifted to corporation we can give some amenities for the society that would be formed in that layout.

We try to give maximum sports amenities so that people can use in their day today activity. In GT uptown Keerapakkam, we planned for skating rink, and volley ball court for kids. We also planned a walkway, yoga center and senior citizens corner which can be used by the elders. We proposed an outdoor gym for the young so that they can use it on a daily basis.

We also proposed a kids play area for the tiny tots. Thus we can cater to the entire population of that locality.


Entrance of the layout to be designed. This is not mandatory but can be an USP. When we design an entrance we need to have maintenance in mind. The road in the layout is a public road that has been gifted already to the government. Any structure in that needs to be well planned so that it doesn’t become a hindrance when government wants to relay or bring in some other amenities.

At GT Uptown we planned the entrance on the splay on either side of the road & extended the structure till the walkway. We also suggested a boom instead of a gate so that it can be removed in future if the residents didn’t want to maintain.

Temporary structures

Generally we need a marketing office at site. But this cannot be a permanent structure. This would be the last plot to be sold. Hence we plan a temporary structure for marketing office. We can even plan a container office.

Toilet block for the office as well as the customers who visit the site needs to be planned. Parking for the employees as well as the customers to be planned. The security cabin also can be a temporary structure so that it can be removed by the society when they don’t want to maintain.


In Gt uptown, we got a huge land parcel abetting our property which is poramboke land. We can’t do anything permanent here. So we planned a walkway with some seating and a huge landscape so that it can be a public attraction and used for selling.

In ICIPL Anugraha, we got a 10’ wide passage which cannot be used for construction because of an adjacent canal. We converted this as a walking park.

When we design we need to figure out where we can add value to the property and enhance the layout so that we evolve as a society. If every layout can take care of the small landscape areas we’ll eventually have lot of greenery in our surrounding and hence improve our environment.

In ICIPL Anugraha, we got a huge parcel of land for road widening in front of the property. Road widening may take many years as this is a small town. Hence we converted that into a sustainable park. A layout is going to host a new settlement. A well thought out layouts is the need of the hour. If people can have hassle free surrounding that would be a great start for a healthier life.

Conclusion :

In summary, designing a layout involves considering many factors. It’s like constructing a complete plan for a new community. So architecture and interior design companies need to understand the condition of the land, road and drainage correctly. Adding amenities directly improves people’s lives. Designing a layout should be more convenient and more future-proof and useful for all walks of people. best layouts always makes happier and strong communities, providing a place for everyone for a comfortable living.