When we look at perfecting flooring, the usage of luxury marble to durable granites and versatile tiles to different wooden floors each material provides customized benefits for people. Recently people are looking to personalize their home in which one of the personalisations they are highly interested in is flooring because enhancing the floor easily enhances the overall look and feel of the home. To properly know more about it, As a leading architecture company in chennai, we will help you to make informed decisions which elevates your space’s value, looks and practicality.

Choosing the Right Flooring for Your Home

Correct flooring by itself can add a lot of value and design elements to a place. We need to fix the right flooring for the right place for which we need to understand the various materials that are available & how to use it.

1. Marble

These are natural stones. The marble variety goes with the place from where they are available. For eg. Indian marble is available in India ( Rajasthan, Andra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat ). These are majorly white in colour. We also have green, pink & Yellow marbles in India. Indian marble is a hard stone & can be used for flooring. These are available in slabs and need to be laid and polished. These are the best because they are hard stone. It’ll be very cool when you use Indian marble even during summer season.

Italian marble are imported marbles from Italy. They are soft marbles and available in different tones. Beige, grey & white are some most common colours available. These are very expensive as they are imported. Hence we use it where visual appeal is more sorted. They are also available in slabs and they need to be polished after laying.

Indian Marble

Indian marble will be a cost effective marble floor with less maintenance when compared to Italian marble.

2. Granite

These are also natural stone but very hard. They are a cheaper option for marble. They are available in the polished state and hence we generally don’t use it for flooring as it would be slippery. But the surface can be treated to either matt or lepato or flamed and they can be used for flooring. The natural granite can be used for kitchen top because of its hard nature as well as stain resistance property. They can also be used as counter top for washbasin. We also use granite for steps as it can be nosed in the corner & hence won’t hurt. They can also be used on walls.

Please note, any lighter colour granite ( white or grey ) cannot be used for kitchen top as it gets strains over a period of time.

Granite is very easy to maintain and is widely used for counter top.

3. Tiles

These are manufactured material. They are a cost effective solution for flooring with a wide range of products to choose from. They are available in different sizes. The sizes which we generally suggest are

Room Size Sample
Living , Dinning 1. 8’ x 4’, 6’ x 4’ – to get the same marble feel
2. 4’ x 2’ , 2’ x 2’ – for budget series
Commercial, Bedroom, Kitchen 4’ x 2’ , 2’ x 2’
Toilet 1’ x 1’ , 2’ x 2’ – Flooring
2’ x 1’, 4’ x 2’ – walls

Cost varies based on the brand , size and type we select. This is a finished product and hence can be directly laid. Maintenance is very simple. It is much preferred material for flooring because

  1. 1. Cost effective
  2. 2. Wide range available to choose from
  3. 3. Strain resistance
  4. 4. Easy Maintenance

4. Wooden Floors

These are wood finished products & easy to lay. when we look for a suitable house interior design, There are difference types of products based on the base material used for manufacturing.

  1. 1. Laminated wooden flooring – These are made with MDF & laminates which are cost effective. We use this for commercial setup as well as bedroom in budget segment.
  2. 2. Hardwood flooring – These are made out of natural wood & hence is very expensive. But where aesthetic takes precedence we use hardwood.

These are all fixed with interlocking mechanism and hence can be removed and re-laid anywhere. Since these are wood products, its better we keep them dry.

5.Carpet Floor

Carpets can be laid on any surface. They are expensive and high maintenance products. We generally suggest for Hotels where we need to highlight an area. We also use it as a sound absorption material in conference rooms, home theatre etc. We generally don’t suggest carpets for residence as they are highly stain prone.

6.Vinyl Floor

These are composite material and are available in tiles as well as rolls. They have a wide range of options to choose from. These are very very cost effective and less maintenance products. We use it more for small commercial segment where the existing floor can be fully covered and it can facelift the space. They are available in different thickness. Cost increases as the thickness increases. We generally suggest 3mm where there is high footfalls.

7. Epoxy Flooring

These are polymer or resin flooring with hard-wearing durable surface. We can get a seamless floor with any pattern and any colour. They are expensive and generally used for factory flooring. It can be laid on top of any flooring. The existing floor has to be smooth to get a proper output. It gives a glossy finish and hence enhances the space. They are used where the traffic is heavy & continuous.
These are the most commonly used flooring. We have to select based on the project & its usage. The aesthetics can be brought out after finalizing the product. Right product for the right space is a key for a maintenance free product.


When it comes to completely enhancing your house, choosing a perfect architecture company in chennai that helps in choosing correct flooring would be a best option. By getting informed about the special properties of every material and every need, you can make an informed decision. That’s because an ideal floor will both elevate your space and provide a long-lasting & easy maintenance solution sustaining future.