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Client : M/s Switcher
Size : 7960 Sq.ft.
Completion Date : Oct-10
Location : T.Nagar, Korattur

The Start of a Beautiful collaboration

The Switzer story is truly captivating. We unexpectedly connected with Switzer, Manufacturer and Exporters of Process Control Instruments & Pressure Switches. What began as a basic inquiry evolved into a collaborative journey of creativity and transformative design.

Quest for Interior Excellence

The clients initially approached us with the desire to enhance the interiors of their office in Chennai. They wanted to efficiently utilize the interior cost, as they were planning to set it up in other centers also. Upon the successful completion of the transformation in Chennai, our design services were subsequently extended to their office in Bangalore.

Mrs. Padma, one of the directors, expressed a particular preference for the color mustard, which was an unconventional choice for office furniture. In order to incorporate the mustard tone, we strategically blended it with grey, serving as a neutralizer. The outcome was both elegant and beautiful, aligning perfectly with the envisioned interior.

To meet the cost efficiency requirement, we introduced cost-effective Gypsum partition walls and grid ceiling, creating a budget-friendly design that never compromised on the aesthetics. The collaboration between architectural expertise and interior design excellence resulted in a space that seamlessly combined style and practicality.

Creation of creativity

The next chapter in our journey with Switzer

unfolded in the vibrant neighborhood of T-Nagar, where they entrusted us with the task of architecting and designing their service apartment. This project provided us with the opportunity to showcase our versatility and creativity in a different context. Our commitment to surpassing expectations in architectural projects is exemplified by the conversion of the service apartment into a space that is both comfortable and stylish.

A Perfect Replica of excellence

As our collaborative efforts continued to thrive, Switzer presented us with an exciting new challenge. They have a property in Korattur and expressed their desire to construct a commercial complex on that site. The success of our previous endeavors instilled in them the confidence to entrust us with this significant project. Our team eagerly embraced the opportunity, fueled by the shared vision of creating an inspiring and functional environment for Switzer’s latest venture.

A Seamless Collaboration

The process began with thorough research and analysis of the Korathur property. We engaged in extensive discussions with Switzer to understand their specific needs, aspirations, and the purpose of the commercial building. Our architects and designers collaborated closely, blending innovation with practicality to conceptualize a structure that would not only meet but exceed Switzer’s expectations.In addition to the meticulous planning phase, we successfully executed the project, delivering it within the scheduled time frame.

The design phase was marked by an iterative and collaborative approach. Regular consultations with Switzer ensured that their feedback and vision were seamlessly integrated into the evolving plans. The architectural blueprint evolved, incorporating elements that reflected the brand identity of Switzer while optimizing space for maximum efficiency.As a result, our longstanding relationship led to numerous successful projects for Switzer.

Switzer and our team have forged a solid and long-lasting partnership that stands as a testament to the power of creative collaboration and the transformative impact of thoughtful design.

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