Residential Interior – Villa

Mr. Vishwanadhan

Client : Mr.Vishwanathan
Size : 3790 Sq.ft
Completion Date : Mar-19
Location : Vadapalani

The Wall That Came Down

Our client came to us and asked for our help to work on interiors for their home. Upon receiving the project, we observed that the living and dining areas were a tad cramped. To address this, we opted to remove the wall between them to create more space. This task posed a significant challenge as altering a house’s structure requires thorough inspection to ensure it complies with building standards.

Congestion to Clarity

We took a bit of a chance, but we followed through with our idea to open up the space between the living and dining areas. Our next step was to also connect the dining room to the kitchen by breaking down another wall. Once the walls were down, the room felt a lot bigger and more open. The client was pleased with the results, thinking the looked significantly improved. Throughout the process, we made sure everything stayed secure and well-managed.

Once the wall is dismantled, it becomes essential to introduce a distinctive element that effectively divides the rooms without compromising the sense of openness. To achieve this delicate balance, we opted for a sleek glass partition that gracefully separates the living room, dining area, and kitchen. This choice not only maintains a seamless flow but also imparts a touch of elegance to the overall aesthetic. In essence, the glass partition emerges as a perfect solution, adding both functionality and a refined visual appeal to the interconnected spaces.

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Kicking Off a Love for Football

In crafting a personalized space for their children,

our focus was dedicated to the unique interests that resonate with the young ones. With a profound passion for football, we embarked on a project that seamlessly integrated this beloved sport into every facet of their living space.

Beyond the Bedroom Walls

The heart of our endeavor lay in transforming the children bedroom into a football-themed space. Every detail, from decor to storage solutions, was meticulously curated to echo the enthusiasm and devotion they hold for the beautiful game. Beyond the confines of the bedroom, we extended our efforts to create an individual study space that maintained the continuity of the football theme.

Space that Packs a Punch

Following our efforts to enhance the functionality of the living space by establishing a private home theater, a dedicated area for entertainment was successfully integrated. However, a significant challenge arose during the project: the identification of an appropriate location for a pooja space. Unfortunately, there was no available space specifically allocated for a pooja room, and the east-facing orientation posed limitations on our choices. Our exploration began on the ground floor and extended to the first floor, but every available space was already allocated due to the preoccupied nature of the Villa.

So, we came up with an interesting idea and decided to make a special prayer space on the wall. Employing a vertical design in the room, we cleverly created visual illusions, making the space appear larger and more majestic than its actual size. Though the design is modest, it exudes a visually expansive ambiance. Incorporating subtle lighting amplified the overall appeal of the installation. The client loved it because placing the pooja room on the first floor made the prayer space more private. Despite using only a little space, it had a really impressive and grand look.

In the end, Mr. Vishwanadhan’s home was more than just fixing things up; it was a story of overcoming obstacles, using creativity, and making special spaces that matched the needs and tastes of the people who live there.

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