Residential Interior – Apartment

Mr. Piyush

Client : Mr. Piyush
Size : 3570 Sq.ft.
Completion Date : Jun-23
Location : Bangalore

A clever plan

Mr. Piyush’s apartment unfolds a narrative of ingenious design, seamlessly intertwining aesthetics with functionality. The project distinguishes itself through its distinctive strategy of embracing the existing layout while thoughtfully incorporating creative nuances.

Make everything
work well

One interesting aspect is the main entrance. We made a door with a laser-cut design that allows air to flow through. The smart design includes two doors: a large one that is rarely used if needed and a smaller one for everyday use, adding an extra layer of security. This creative detail improves the overall look and usefulness, offering more options for how the space can be used.

Instead of opting for a conventional wall between the Dining and living room, we chose a partition that enriches the overall living space. Our client places a high priority on functional design, which posed challenges, especially in ensuring sufficient storage space without compromising the open and accessible feel of the living areas.

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Space speaks functionally

In answer to the client’s wish for more
space next to the prayer space,

We came up with a clever idea by adding a flexible dining table. This personalized solution fulfilled the client’s wish for a larger area and catered to the need for adaptability. The movable dining table turned out to be a custom-made answer, serving both as a place for friends and family during prayer ceremonies and adjusting to different space needs.

Customized solution

This not only looks good in the prayer room but also creates a useful and flexible space that can meet various needs in the home. The outcome is a good blend of design and practicality, giving a customized solution that meets the client’s wishes and makes the overall living experience better. We carefully thought about designs and functionalities around the prayer room, making sure it matched what the client wanted and fitted well into the whole living area.

Towards a smart design

Special attention was given to creating a unique look for her daughter’s room. The main goal was to include personalized items like glass shelves and wardrobes that reflect her specific style. The design moved away from typical girly themes to make a space that truly represented the client’s daughter’s personality.

Overcoming challenges in crafting a unique Buddha structure, the balcony emerged as the focal point of the project. Crafting a Buddha structure for the balcony presented its own set of challenges. We assembled the entire structure from individual pieces, carefully arranging them in a vertical sequence. The client’s keen interest in this aspect inspired the team to tackle challenges. The end result was an exceptional appearance that elevated the entire balcony.

Mr. Piyush’s Home is a tale of teamwork, creativity, and creating a space that’s practical and awesome. It’s a house that reflects the energy of its residents.

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