Residential Interior – Apartment

Mr. Manoj

Client : Mr. Manoj
Size : 1800 Sq.ft.
Completion Date : Jul-22
Location : Purasaivakkam

A Decade-Long Bond

On a noteworthy journey of excellence. Our clients have returned to us, seeking our assistance in renovating the home we originally designed for them. We are enthusiastic about applying our skills to enhance and improve their home as a place of vibrant haven that creates love among kids and adults for its aesthetic and functionality once again.

Creating Beddy-Bye

In response to the clients’ request for a new bedroom for their growing family, we transformed the guest room into a personalized and playful space for their daughters. Infusing the design with the clients’ fun-loving nature, we created a house-shaped structure, incorporating a bed on top and a hidden play area below. The clients were delighted with the clever and practical additions, including a wardrobe inside, special spaces for a mirror and toys, and a loft bed with stairs and a slide.

To enhance functionality, we added seats by the windows for comfort and light, creating cozy spots for reading and playing. A vibrant mica wallpaper added aesthetic appeal, making the room an inviting space where the kids would want to spend time. The design seamlessly balanced practicality with creativity, capturing the essence of the family’s personality and lifestyle.

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Towards a Big Change

Apart from changing the kids’ bedroom,

Our clients wanted big changes to their own bedrooms too. So, we did a complete redesign to make things look and work better. One important part of this was putting seats near the windows. It made a cozy spot to sit and let in lots of natural light, making the space useful and nice to look at.

Marble that sparkles

Furthermore, we employed the wall-cladding technique to elevate the bedroom’s overall aesthetic. Marble was chosen as the material for the wall behind the bed, serving as a sophisticated backdrop that added a touch of elegance to the room. We made the marble wall look even better by placing lamps around it. These lamps both matched the marble and added a subtle sparkle, introducing a play of light and shadow that heightened the room’s overall atmosphere. By combining comfy seats, marble walls, and well-placed lights, we made the bedrooms both aesthetically pleasing and practical for our clients to enjoy.

From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Besides working on bedrooms, we gave special attention to the balcony, which turned out to be a really interesting part of our project. Initially, we wanted to add some greenery to the balcony, but the limited space posed a challenge for a traditional garden.

The balcony lacked space, so we implemented a vertical garden to maximize its potential. We attached wooden stands to the wall, creating individual spaces for potted flowers. Also the color scheme – white ceiling and walls with wood brown accents – further enhanced the balcony’s elegance and created a cool, inviting atmosphere. To make the space even more enjoyable, we opted for deck flooring instead of the standard type.The final result was a balcony that was both beautiful and practical, a perfect comfortable spot for people to unwind.

In the end, our design provided a beautiful and comfortable home that reflected their unique tastes and preferences. The joy and satisfaction we derived from this project, much like our initial venture in the past, will undoubtedly endure through the years.

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