Residential Interior – Apartment

Mr. Manikkavasakam

Client : Mr. Manikkavasagam
Size : 3540 Sq.ft.
Completion Date : Oct-16
Location : Anna Nagar

A Spark of Chance

On an ordinary day, the ringing phone marked the beginning of an extraordinary journey. The voice on the other end belonged to none other than Mr. Manikkavasagam, the renowned owner of the RMKV Firm. Little did we know that this call would ignite the commencement of a fascinating project—a project that would involve crafting the interiors of the client’s two apartments into works of art.

Design and Discovery

With a surge of excitement, we embraced the challenge of transforming Mr. Manikkavasagam’s living spaces into something truly exceptional. The client’s active involvement added a distinctive dimension to our task, igniting a motivation that fueled our commitment to the project.

Upon stepping into the apartment, our focus was immediately drawn to the disruptive presence of DB boxes, marring the elegance of the room. Eager to find a solution, we brainstormed and devised a clever idea: a visually appealing and removable wooden element that seamlessly integrated into the house’s interior design, adding a layer of versatility to the solution.

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Creating a Seamless Flow

When we decided to install a TV stand in the living room,

we realized that the space available was insufficient. In order to address this issue, we opted to remove the wall between two pillars, thus creating more room. This alteration expanded the living room and also established a connection between the living and dining areas.

Tradition with a Modern Twist

In the client’s apartment, special attention was given to incorporating spaces reflecting tradition and personal preferences. The pooja rooms were adorned with traditional gopuram-style decorations, but our vision went grand. The result was a magnificent throne for the gods—a chair with arms exuding the richness and luxury befitting a king’s throne. This design perfectly captured the essence of the divine, aligning with the family’s desire for a pooja room that radiated spiritual power.

A Room-Within-a-Room

Moving to the top floor, we installed a personalized elevator for the client. However, this brought an unexpected challenge: the difficulty of incorporating an air conditioner due to the lift and stairs.

Swift thinking led us to build a separate wall, ensuring the living room remained insulated from the cold air. This not only addressed the cooling issue but also paved the way for the creation of a comfortable home theater within the living space, turning an obstacle into an opportunity.

In simple terms, what started as an interior project turned into a joint project that changed Mr. Manikkavasagam’s house in Anna Nagar into a work of art. With careful planning and creative solutions, we met and even exceeded our client’s expectations, leaving a lasting impression.

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