Institutional – Facade + New Block Architecture

Vidhya Sagar School

Client : Mr. Vikas Surana
Size : 37544 Sq.ft.
Completion Date : In Progress
Location : Chengalpat

Starting with Ideas

Vidhya Sagar School was getting a makeover that would change how students experienced school. Our client, Mr. Vikas, the enthusiastic individual in charge of Vidya Sagar, was at the heart of this change. The client’s unique ideas brought a lot of energy to our design team’s work.

The Art of Adaptability

Embarking on the project, our primary goal was to elevate the aesthetic appeal of a building that initially presented a rather plain facade. We approached this challenge by seamlessly integrating stylish structures and elements that could adapt to any architectural design, complemented by outer brick finish elements. The successful design of this vision left our client thoroughly satisfied, underscoring the triumph of the entire project.

Accessible for Tiny Hands

The creation of the library marked another significant
milestone in our creative journey.

Departing from conventional library designs, our focus was on making the space easily accessible, especially for children. To achieve this, we strategically placed library bookshelves at lower levels on the walls, ensuring easy access for kids.

Blooming books around colors

A distinctive feature of the library was its carefully chosen color scheme, featuring chrome green and aqua blue tones reminiscent of nature. To further enhance the natural ambiance, we incorporated a tree structure around a pillar, transforming the library into a haven that not only sparks curiosity but also immerses visitors in the world of knowledge.

Tech Takes Center Stage

For the Tab Lab project, our goal was to establish a minimalist and efficient e-learning space. We successfully achieved this by creating a sleek interior with technological-themed wallpapers. The Tab Lab not only promotes learning but also prioritizes a conducive environment.

Our focus on natural lighting and cross-ventilation enhances visual appeal and interactivity. The client’s emphasis on these aspects, along with a strategic plan for a new school block, resulted in a harmonious educational space that surpassed both our design team’s satisfaction and the client’s expectations, seamlessly blending functionality and aesthetics.

Ultimately, the evolution of Vidhya Sagar School stands as a testament to the effectiveness of teamwork and a unified vision aimed at crafting environments that genuinely impact the lives of their students.

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