Institutional – Interior

Vidhya Sagar College

Client : Mr. Vikas Surana
Size : Need Sq.ft.
Completion Date : Jan-14
Location : Chengalpat

Exciting beginnings

Vidhya Sagar College underwent a positive transformation to elevate the student experience. We collaborated on creative concepts, infusing them with our refreshed designs, resulting in renewed enthusiasm and energy for our client, Mr. Vikas.

Coronation of Elegance

Commencing our collaboration with the client, our project centers around enhancing the MCA block of the college. We got involved during the construction phase, following the client’s clear directive to turn the initially plain structure into an aesthetically pleasing masterpiece. Our primary focus was on creating a facade that could enhance the visual appeal of any building.

Building on the success of the MCA Block transformation, our creative efforts extended to the B.Ed. block. Here, we aimed to further elevate the elegance by incorporating a cornice-style exterior design, adding a majestic aura to the building. Moving beyond the B.Ed. facade, our creative pursuits led us to an often overlooked space in traditional college layouts: the canteen.

Redefining approach

Our client aspired to reimagine a cafeteria beyond its typical function,

Turning it into an environment that provided more than just basic nourishment. Our approach involved enhancing our dining facilities by building a spacious canteen in the outdoor area next to the current one. The goal is to create a natural and open environment that fosters a sense of freedom.

Keep it fresh and green

To enhance a stronger connection with the natural environment, we strategically integrated botanical elements on the floor. Such a thoughtful approach creates an attractive and harmonious environment, encouraging students to actively engage with and appreciate their surroundings.

Function and Feeling

In our ongoing journey of transformation, we applied our expertise to computer labs. Our focus shifted to designing an interactive space that promotes collaboration. We strategically arranged the layout and incorporated custom-designed wall stickers to create an environment that encourages people to interact, fostering a dynamic and engaging atmosphere within the lab.

Our work also extended to the principal’s room, where we embraced a minimalist design. While keeping things simple, we introduced elements to enhance the room’s appeal. A wooden desk with a glass top and carefully crafted wood door shelves were added to create an elegant yet minimalistic ambiance. This reflects our commitment to crafting spaces that seamlessly blend sophistication with simplicity.

In the end, the transformation of Vidhya Sagar College became a trophy for the power of collaboration and a shared vision for creating spaces that truly make a difference in their lives.

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