Institutional – Interior

RM Jain KG Block

Client : Mr. Kishore
Size : 33860 Sq.Ft
Completion Date : Aug-22
Sustainability : Thiruvallur

Breathing New Life

Our team at RM KG School – Thiruvallur found ourselves in a special spot where new ideas and old ways met. It all kicked off when our client asked us to give a breath of fresh air to an old school building

Make the place feel happy

In this project, our primary focus was on enhancing the overall ambiance of the kindergarten through thoughtful color selection. Recognizing the significance of colors in shaping the learning environment, we dedicated special attention to incorporating pastel hues. Vibrant blues and greens, complemented by gentle tones like pink and gray, adorn the classrooms, promoting creative thinking while maintaining a serene atmosphere across the entire campus.

The reception area was strategically designed to serve as the central focal point of the campus. The use of aqua blue and subtle white colors contributed to an inviting and refreshing atmosphere. To capture the hearts of both parents and children, we implemented an alphabet-themed black and white sticker on the entrance glass door, creating a visually engaging experience. Inside the reception, a unique pillar, themed as a nature-inspired tree, added character. An additional door connecting to the classrooms ensured that everyone passing through experienced the beauty and tranquility of the reception.

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Stepping in a creative way

Recognizing the potential of the stairwell in the kids’ area,

We seized the opportunity to infuse an engaging concept. A themed sticker wallpaper was applied to the stairwell walls, transforming it into a captivating space where children could enjoy their journey between floors.

Path towards security

Ensuring the safety of children is a significant concern. To address this, we have implemented a controlled entry and exit system focused on kids’ well-being. Children are allowed to enter and exit exclusively through the reception area, which is carefully supervised and regulated. This approach guarantees that all movements within the campus are closely monitored, providing parents with the assurance that their children are in a secure environment.

A Versatile Environment

Beyond the reception and classrooms, our design extended to the activity areas on both the terrace and ground floor. The terrace activity space, specifically designed for grade-schoolers, offers a holistic environment for various physical activities and games within a closed hall setting.

The interior planning included an AV room, with comfortable sit-outs in cone-shaped structures and a charming amphitheater-like setting around the classroom for an optimal learning experience. The activity room incorporates arch-shaped structures as inventive bookshelves, encouraging literary pursuits and creating a visually appealing, multifunctional space that seamlessly combines education and recreation for young learners.

Overall, our well-thought-out decisions have resulted in impressive advancements in design, emphasizing the power of trying new ideas for the best changes.

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