Institution – Interior

Happy Skool

Client : Mr. Vikas Surana
Size : 9418 Sq.ft.
Completion Date : Apr-17
Location : Singaperumal kovil

A Vibe of Positivity

In our work journey, sometimes connections go beyond one project. This happened when our client Mr. Vikas, who teamed up with us for the Vidya Sagar project, shared a fascinating idea from Mahindra World City. The client wanted to create a kindergarten school with a positive design vibe.

Connection with

As we continued with the project, we imagined a spacious corridor with fresh air instead of closed-off spaces. We thought about adding notice boards and blackboards along the corridor. Using soft ocean blue and light pink colors gave the corridor a calm and gentle look.

In the library, our goal was to make a peaceful environment, different from usual setups. We carefully chose colors to create an energetic atmosphere, adding various colors throughout. These designs offer special experiences, breaking away from ordinary ideas and making spaces more enjoyable for everyone.

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Coloring a new beginning

We made every classroom feel super comfy by giving
each one its own special look based on the season.

Like, think about a spring-themed class – we used light greens and pinks to make it feel all fresh and new. And for winter, we went with cool blues and silvery whites, creating an atmosphere of calm and peace.

An exciting cool hideout

Our idea was to make learning more like an awesome adventure for kids. Each classroom became like a cool hideout with its own style, making school an exciting journey filled with curiosity and enjoyment for our young learners. Whether it was spring’s bright colors or winter’s calm vibes, each class turned into a cool place to learn and have fun.

A Strong Color Connection

Initially, our attention was on creating comfortable spaces for key places such as the principal’s office. We used classy and understated colors and kept the interior simple for a sleek design. The staff room and conference rooms followed a similar minimalist color scheme, while the reception area featured subtle yellow and blue tones to enhance its visual appeal.

Designing the ‘happy school’ library involved merging traditional and computer elements, creating a visually appealing and functional space. The seamless integration of books and computers transformed it into a vibrant hub for diverse learning. Classrooms for little ones were designed with distinct themes, embodying a variety of creative ideas.

As the project came together, the Happy Skool became a space that not only helped with learning but also got students excited about different activities. Our big aim to make a beautiful and helpful learning space for students was a success.

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