Institution – Architecture

GT Vidhya Mandir

Client : Mr. Bharath
Size : 60873 Sq.ft.
Completion Date : Aug-19
Location : Vadamadurai

Start with a Excitement

In Vadamadurai, an exciting project began to take form, a place of learning and understanding: GT Vidhya Mandir. Our client with their strong belief in the power of education to change lives fueled their drive, inspiring them to carefully plan a vision for a place where young minds could grow and succeed.

Clean slate in front of us

GT Vidhya Mandir is a large school spread across 7 acres of land. The school’s creation began with a conversation between our team and a generous client. Our Client also had an idea of creating playgrounds, parking lots, and other important areas. This generous space allowed us to create a well-rounded learning environment that supports the academic, physical, and social development of our students.

Came up with Palette of Belief

As we stood in the open space of the school grounds, our creative energy flowed, and we came up with designs that perfectly matched the expansive surroundings.

We chose an eye-shaped layout for the school for a couple of interesting reasons. This layout keeps the sunlight out, preventing the building from getting too hot. This not only makes the inside of the eye-shaped structure cool but also contributes to the school’s sustainability. The building is designed with four spaces for air ventilation, ensuring effective circulation of cool air. Additionally, the building is oriented to capture the prevailing wind and minimize direct sunlight, creating a comfortable environment inside.

Bombarding Ideas

In school, we had a cool idea which we later named it “Bomb effect.” It all started when we noticed how crowded the hallways were with students. We wanted to spruce things up without making big changes, so we turned plain tiles into vibrant paintings. Each floor got its own set of colors, making the whole school look lively. Everyone, including the client, really liked the transformation. It felt like the school got a burst of creative energy, reflecting the youthful vibe of its students.

Learning and Relaxing

We even expressed our creative energy in the choice of a green area suggests a focus on natural elements and tranquility, fostering a peaceful atmosphere conducive to learning and relaxation. The client’s fondness for this particular space underscores its significance, possibly indicating a personal connection or a special memory associated with the chosen location.

We prioritize improving the inside of the school to look great and interesting for kids. We chose tough and classic-looking granite for the walls to make them both durable and nice. We also added some water features in the green areas to bring a calm feeling and make the environment peaceful. We made sure to create a fun play area for the kids in a good spot, so they have a cool place to play and be active that connects the school to nature and gives a calming vibe.

As the finishing touches were added to GT Vidhya Mandir, it became more than just a bunch of buildings. It became a legacy of teamwork, trust, and clever design —a story that would inspire generations.

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