Institution – Interior

GT Aloha Vidhya Mandir

Client : Mr. Bharath
Size : 17031 Sq.ft
Completion Date : Apr-17
Location : Neelankarai

Being Functional in its Own Way : GT Aloha

Pioneering education in Neelankarai, GT Aloha is at the forefront of innovation and progress. They believe that continual evolution and advancement are not just expected, but vital for shaping a stimulating and modern learning environment for their students.

We hold their hands on challenges

On their campus, the important change the school management had to come up with was a large shed where they used to park their school buses at night. However, in the morning, this space was transformed into a play area for the children because the school didn’t have enough space for both parking and a playground. Whenever they organized events, they would place a stage in the shed and use it for various programs. The shed was a versatile space, but it lacked a professional touch.

The problem was that the school didn’t have ample space for ground. This left them with limited space in the middle of the city. Their only option was to use the shed for multiple purposes. However, the school administration was not pleased with the shed’s structure.

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They realized that spaces needed to be more functional

The client realized that they needed to maintain the functionality of the shed while making it look more professional. They needed a creative mind for help, so they reached out to us.

We took on the challenge and suggested an efficient solution. The idea was to install a front door, a permanent stage, paint the interior of the shed, and build a compound wall around it. To add a unique touch, a mesh texture was added at the top of the wall, creating an auditorium-like atmosphere when the gate was closed. With this innovative front door, the vast shed could be turned into a closed auditorium with dias seating when needed for events. The solution not only made the shed look professional but also added a functional element to the school.

For a safe and clean space to play

However, there was still the matter of the kids’ play area. The client realized that the flooring in the shed was unsuitable for both play and a proper auditorium. To address this, we implemented a strategic solution – an epoxy floor coating, commonly used in industrial settings for its resilience and ease of cleaning. This clever upgrade enabled the school to park buses overnight while transforming the space into a vibrant, child-friendly playground by day. We further augmented the space by constructing a permanent stage with raised walls, creating a picture-perfect all-in-one auditorium. This innovative design now flawlessly facilitates both school plays and overnight vehicle parking.

Talking Walls that
Speak to Kids

The implementation of these ideas brought immense joy to the client. For a long time, the shed had been a source of frustration for them, but now it has been transformed into a space that perfectly balances functionality and aesthetics.

A noteworthy addition to the revamped environment is the introduction of “talking walls” into the redesigned kindergarten classrooms, fostering creativity and engagement through artistic expression and direct interaction. Positioned strategically at floor level, these interactive surfaces encourage a hands-on approach to learning, allowing children to explore, draw, and connect with their surroundings. This innovative addition transcends mere aesthetics, acting as a catalyst for developing crucial skills in early learners.

In this project, we focus on implementing interesting changes and upgrades to enhance its overall functionality. It is crucial to adopt a big-picture thinking approach to ensure that the designs are both appealing and serve their intended purpose effectively.

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