Infrastructure – GT Housing

GT Uptown

Client : Mr. Bharath
Size : 11 Acres
Completion Date : Feb-23
Location : Keerapakkam

A Masterpiece awaits

In Keerapakkam, a 11-acre canvas awaited its transformation into a masterpiece – GT Uptown. This ambitious layout development project became a testament to the prowess of an innovative architecture that seamlessly blended aesthetics with functionality.


GT Uptown integrates every aspect of the natural environment, incorporating eco-friendly elements such as the nearby lake and mountains. The project carefully considers various aspects, from the stormwater drainage system to manage excess water during heavy monsoons to water harness facilities that redirect surplus water into the lakes. Each design element is carefully analyzed using scientific methods to ensure a harmonious combination of development and environmental sustainability.

Sustainable and Adaptable

In a spacious area, there’s a park designed for everyone’s enjoyment.

We built a playground with trees, grass, swings, slides, and benches for children to play on. We also made paths for people to walk and bike easily. Walking paths can be found in many places, like neighborhoods, and are good for taking a relaxing walk making it a sustainable choice.

A visionary pathway

But GT Uptown was more about creating an immersive experience. We recognized the potential of the free space around the property and, with visionary zeal, transformed it into a lush green oasis. A carefully planned pathway meandering through this green haven, provides a serene escape for residents and visitors alike.

Aligning the space

One notable aspect of this project was the consideration given to the existing infrastructure. Road abutments, a common challenge in many developments, were seamlessly addressed.

We ensured that the structure aligned properly with the road, creating a visually cohesive and practical integration.

GT Uptown is a story of vision, adaptability, and community integration. Our dedication transformed this 11-acre canvas into a thriving community where designs met the eye and touched the soul.

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