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Client : ICIPL
Size : 1.2 Acres
Completion Date : In Progress
Location : Salem

A vision of Extraordinary

We started an exciting project called “Anugraha.” This project reflects our dedication to designing places that combine beauty and practicality seamlessly. The Anugraha journey started with a clear vision – a vision to craft a living experience that would transcend the ordinary.

The Beginning of

The Anugraha project developed alongside the canal at the rear side of the property. Acknowledging the significance of public spaces, a 10-foot no-construction zone was proposed— a space intended to transform into an appealing walkway. Through detailed planning, we envisioned this pathway featuring well-placed seating, soft lighting, and vibrant gardens. This brought a sense of calm to the area and also demonstrated our dedication to the community and the harmonious connection between architecture and nature.

Systemized Water System

At the same time,

Our team identified the importance of comprehensive infrastructure planning. We decided to establish a unified plumbing system that linked the entire property. This foresighted decision guaranteed smooth water distribution and also made it convenient for the local corporation to access the system. By integrating these systems, we demonstrate our commitment to both the current project and also the long-term sustainable development of the broader community.

Path of pleasant

Shifting our focus to the property’s front, we aimed to reimagine the typical idea of roads. Instead of just a route for vehicles, we envisioned a welcoming green area for both residents and visitors. This verdant space provides a refreshing visual break, a peaceful retreat in the midst of city life, promoting a feeling of well-being for the community. Our dedication to green spaces is a key element in creating environments that enhance the human spirit.

Towards Living Green

As the project moved forward, we started paying more attention to each specific area. Understanding how valuable personal green spaces are, we came up with a strategy to add green elements to each area. Also we adopted an innovative construction method by choosing natural Random Rubble stones over conventional materials. Our goal was to seamlessly blend architecture with the surrounding environment.

These stones were employed in building compound walls and the drainage system, enhancing durability and longevity. This decision underscores our dedication to aligning human-made structures with the inherent beauty of nature.In every section, we strategically placed gardens featuring a diverse range of local trees, shrubs, and grass. This thoughtful landscaping enhances the overall living experience for residents, making it more enjoyable and in tune with the surrounding nature.

In conclusion, at Anugraha, every decision was guided by a desire to create structures and environments that foster a sense of community, connection, and well-being. As it stands as a symbol of the power of thoughtful architecture in shaping the way we live, interact, and thrive.

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