Housing – Apartment


Client : ICIPL
Size : 51444 Sq.ft.
Completion Date : Oct-16
Location : Tambaram

Journey between challenges
and opportunities

Our involvement with the ODE Housing project began when our team undertook the construction of a site that covered half an acre. This project consists of a stilt + 4 structure, accommodating a total of 36 housing units. In order to comply with Floor Space Index (FSI) limitations, we had to limit the number of units on the fourth floor. This decision resulted in the creation of a spacious terrace area next to the units on that floor.

Design that leaves space

The project took an intriguing turn as we grappled with the challenge of utilizing those vacant spaces in our plans. Despite the spatial constraints, we were determined to infuse creativity into the project. The project became a catalyst for innovative thinking, propelling us to overcome obstacles and turn our ideas into reality.

As a team, we embraced the challenges posed by the constrained space for inclusion, channeling our commitment to finding solutions for including our ideas. Upon discovering this newfound area, discussions ensued about how best to utilize it. Our team was resolute in maximizing every inch of available space.

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Utilizing every square foot

A brilliant idea emerged,

Leading to the transformation of these spaces into two private terraces—custom-designed areas for residents that became a unique and functional solution. This transformation showcased our adept utilization of free spaces and also brought immense joy and satisfaction to the residents.

Breaking Anticipations

As the project advanced, curiosity and speculation surrounded the vacant spaces on the front side of the apartment, akin to the private terraces on the opposite side. Seizing the opportunity to enhance the residential experience, we made the decisive choice to transform these spaces into a gym facility. This decision required careful thought and planning.

The Path to Wellness

Through rigorous discussions, the project team successfully integrated a comprehensive gym facility. In addition to the gym, the project incorporated an aerobics hall, a meeting hall, recognizing the importance of diverse fitness activities and social gatherings.

In the end, The ODE became a narrative of transforming limitations into opportunities and crafting spaces that bring profound joy and functionality to those who call it home.

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Transforming Visions into Reality

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Inspiring and transforming spaces
through innovative architectural design


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