Housing – Residence

Mr. Duraimurugan

Client : Mr. Duraimurugan
Size : 5033 Sq.ft.
Completion Date : In Progress
Location : Kolathur

Starting with satisfaction and excitement

A decade ago, we collaborated with our client Mr. Duraimurugan on a project. At that time, we focused on interior design, and a contractor who has a mutual connection with the client connected us to them. Contractor got a project for interior work, which was a client’s three-bedroom flat and wanted us to design the interior, which allowed us to become acquainted with the client. They were exceptionally delighted with our work, and conveyed their satisfaction and enthusiasm.

Relationship we had
built over the years

Fast forward to the present day, ten years later. The client came back to us with some exciting news – they were planning to build their new house and wanted us to do the design. Their commitment to having us as designers was so strong, they didn’t even consider other options. This made us extremely happy and touched, as it showed the strength of the relationship we had built over the years.

We gladly accepted the offer and began working on the design for their home, this time on a 1-ground property. The design process was intriguing, and one of the main points of discussion was the inclusion of open spaces in the house.

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Preserving preference

During the design phase, our focus was on creating spaces
that exude aesthetic appeal and elegance.

We ensured each element contributed to sophistication. The client preferred the house on the ground floor rather than on stilts, presenting challenges with space for both a car park and residence. We addressed this by preserving half of the property, maintaining the room, maintaining both its functionality and aesthetics in the space available.

Inclining towards challenges

Despite these challenges, we skillfully addressed the issue by creating a small, private open space accessible from the living area. The client was highly impressed with our solution, and as a result, they decided to incorporate a distinctive element in that space—a Shiva Lingam with water gently dripping from the top.

A balcony with
a private view

Additionally, we’ve incorporated a dedicated yoga space nestled between the personal gym and the rejuvenating jacuzzi bath. As we believe that every house needs an open space to help relax and rejuvenate.

We designed a balcony connected to the gym and with fin-like structured walls, which allowed air circulation and provided a view from the inside to the outside but not the other way around. It was eight feet wide and ten feet high, creating a “Sun Space” for them where they could do yoga and bask in the morning sun.

The final design plan left them thoroughly satisfied and excited to start the construction of their dream house. As we created this space, we always dreamed of incorporating similar open and private areas in every home, inspiring others to embrace functional living within their homes.

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