Housing – Beach House

Mr. Bharath

Client : Mr. Bharath
Size : 11548 Sq.ft
Completion Date : Dec-22
Location : ECR

Decision to redesign

One of our client Mr. Bharath’s beach house project, situated on a modest 4-acre property along the ECR, underwent a remarkable transformation. Originally acquired by the client’s father, the property housed a modest structure that served the family well. However, as the family expanded, the need for more space became apparent, leading to the decision to redesign and construct a larger house with approximately 10 bedrooms.

Strong family

Interestingly, the property had a unique history, once serving as a theme park named Monkey Monk. Primarily designed for corporate outings, this business-to-business venture operated under pre-booking arrangements. However, during the COVID lockdown, the client’s family spent over three months at the property, developing a strong attachment to it. This experience prompted them to utilize the property for personal use, laying the foundation for an ambitious project.

During the COVID lockdown, the project landed in the hands of our team. Initially envisioning a completely new building. The client suggested extending the current structure, but a closer inspection revealed that the foundation could only support a ground floor plus one additional floor (G+1), rendering the proposal impractical.

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Adapting to Uplift

To overcome this limitation,

we incorporated the use of MS for floor construction. However, the challenge arose when attempting to install a lift due to space constraints. A solution emerged by building a completely new section adjacent to the original house to accommodate the lift. This strategic move ensured stability without compromising the integrity of the initial foundation designed for a G+1 structure.

Striking a balance

As the planning unfolded, our focus shifted to the interior, aligning with the client’s desire for an affordable yet luxurious touch. Despite practical challenges, we sharply designed each floor with partitions and optimal lighting, achieving a sophisticated yet minimalist aesthetic. In spaces like the dining area, functionality takes precedence over aesthetics, as per the client’s preferences.

Elevated living

The property already has a pool connected to the living room, with a small lawn linking the two. To enhance the space, we constructed a bathroom facility adjacent to the pool, with a bar and an entertainment room added above.

A cabana, situated close to the beach, emerged as a cool, open dining area where one could enjoy a beach view, host parties, and even find a special Japanese seating area for added relaxation or dining options. The dining area, perched on a raised floor with an overhead roof, connected seamlessly to the ground floor via a set of stairs. However, the design for this cabana is reserved for phase 2.

In the end, overcoming structural challenges, our client’s beach house transformation met both the growing family’s needs and holds in our minds as a successful collaboration between client vision and architectural innovation.

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