Housing – Residence

Mr. Arun Kumar

Client : Mr. Arunkumar
Size : 5480 Sq.ft.
Completion Date : In Progress
Location : Coimbatore

The universe brought us together

This project, set in Coimbatore, was something truly special. Sure, many projects get us hyped and thrilled, but the ones we do with our closest friends and family always hit different. This was definitely one of those.

Numerous ideas that
needs actions

One day, the client shared a floor plan they had developed in collaboration with a local architect from Coimbatore. After carefully reviewing the plan, it became apparent that the client’s needs were not adequately addressed. Upon closer analysis, we identified that the space available fell short of fulfilling the specified requirements.

We paid close attention to the client’s preferences and tailored the design to align with their wishes. Through a collaborative exchange of ideas, we fine-tuned the design until it matched the client’s expectations. Our ability to comprehend the client’s needs and deliver exactly what they desired ultimately secured the project for us.

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Just a talk wasn’t enough to execute

After brainstorming, Our design encompassed various spaces,

Including a formal living room, a family living area, both open and closed kitchens, a designated pooja room, a parents’ room on the first floor, and parking facilities for up to three cars on a 40×60 square feet property. The client expressed delight at the final outcome and conveyed gratitude for our strong attention to detail.

Someone who can truly understand their Vision

We focused particularly on enhancing the foyer area, which is like a gem in their space. In the foyer, we added a wall-mounted Buddha, which was a unique idea and made the whole area more attractive and engaging. Despite being private and secure, the foyer still feels open and inviting as it serves as the entrance. To achieve this, we utilized 5 feet from the setback and 5 feet from the foyer to create a semi-closed space.

Essence of vision and expertise

The client had strongly sought out architects who resonated with them on a soulful level, emphasizing the importance of finding the right person for the job. Their deep emotional investment and the desire for a home that truly mirrored their unique tastes and preferences made us embark on this progress together.

The project, born from shared dreams and thoughtful adjustments, began to take shape, kickstarting progress as we promised a home infused with the essence of the client’s vision and our expertise.

As the project moves forward, our client is really happy with how things are going. It shows that working together can open up new opportunities and create great collaborations.

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