ICIPL – Amora

Client : ICIPL
Size : 120000 Sq.ft.
Completion Date : Dec-20
Location : Manapakkam

Begin with a Vision

In the locality of Manapakam, a remarkable project was about to begin. It was born from a grand vision, a desire to build a truly special place for people to live. This groundbreaking effort, filled with a deep sense of purpose, would change the idea of home, creating a blend of modern living and the peace of nature’s embrace.

Beyond the blueprint

From the initial conceptualization phase, our goal was to develop a residential building that stood apart from the conventional apartments. We aimed to craft an energy-efficient living space with a particular emphasis on a floor plan that minimizes the need for artificial lighting or fans during daylight hours.

As we started work on the project,It was designed with three cores integrated into a single block, aiming to maximize the Floor Space Index (FSI) within the allowed limits. Our approach successfully incorporated the additional Premium FSI in a Stilt + 4 floor structure. The design prioritized spacious open areas and minimized shared walls with adjacent apartments, promoting both a visually appealing layout and efficient energy utilization through enhanced ventilation.

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Envisioning spaces with ideas

During the construction process,
a brilliant idea struck us.

The primary goal of the project was to accommodate 114 families, and we strongly believed that each resident should have access to a parking space. While the regulations required less parking for apartments under 75 sq.m, we wanted to ensure fairness for all occupants.In addition, we took a thoughtful approach to create Non-Traffic green zones within the project. This was aimed at providing a secure and enjoyable space for elders and children. These designated areas offer a safe environment for them to spend time within the project premises, yet away from their homes.

Oasis that breathe

However, we worked towards creating a dedicated kids’ play area on the stilt, enveloped by a delightful walkway. On the whole, a captivating space took shape. Placed between two blocks, an open-to-sky space was transformed into a calm sitting area, complemented by a peaceful water feature. This unique design received acclaim from all who laid eyes on it, especially elderly residents seeking a tranquil retreat.

Harmony in design, we do

We took great care to design the car park in a way that wouldn’t intrude on the children’s play area or the central space, maintaining a harmonious balance in our development. Ensuring sufficient parking space, we made sure the car park was adequately spacious.

In our vision for the future, we aimed to enhance the overall living experience for upcoming residents. As a result, the complex now includes various amenities, including gyms, a swimming pool, play areas, and a rooftop party terrace. These additions ensure that residents have abundant opportunities to make the most of their open spaces and enjoy a well-rounded lifestyle.

Amora’s ICIPL project is our reflection of creativity, forward thinking, and a commitment to providing residents with an exceptional living experience. We worked on turning a conventional building project into a masterpiece that would be cherished for generations to come.

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Transforming Visions into Reality

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Inspiring and transforming spaces
through innovative architectural design


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