Housing – GT group

Barefoot Bay

Client : Mr. Bharath
Size : 31232 Sq.ft
Completion Date : Jan-12
Location : ECR

The Narrow that Meets the Shore

The start of this project came with a phone call from Mr. Bharath, a forward-thinking person from the GT group, who called us with a unique challenge. They needed to work on the interior of their new office; the space was super narrow. Instead of being stumped, we decided to flip the script on “narrow” and create an open, airy workspace.

Begins with a Narrowly Broad

It turned out so amazing, and the client was so impressed that they offered us another project: this time, a stunning property on the ECR, near the famous crocodile park. Being close to this popular tourist attraction makes the property even more appealing and adds an interesting element to it. The site, measuring 40 feet wide and extending 1,000 feet deep from ECR, presented a challenge due to its narrow shape.

However, we saw this as an opportunity to design a truly unconventional and inspiring home. Instead of conventional options like a cramped apartment complex or a custom villa, we proposed a weekend retreat concept that embodies relaxation and escape.

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A wild idea began to take shape

Our design incorporated 12-feet-wide roads, creating a
weekend haven where people could drive down, spend their weekends, and return rejuvenated.

These villas feature a semi-kitchen, luxurious bedrooms, and bathrooms, all the ingredients for a perfect holiday. For those who prefer dining out, we have included a restaurant idea right on the main road, accessible not just to residents but also to passers-by. When we presented this concept, the client was spellbound by the functional and creative use of space. Without hesitation, client approved the design. The project was christened “Barefoot Bay,” as residents could simply walk to the beach, a testament to its proximity and charm.

Challenges with priorities

Central to our vision for these villas was the belief that they deserved more than just a functional design. Beach access was a key consideration, and we strategically placed the clubhouse near the shore. Even though our land was narrowed, we were able to provide ample car parking space. A scenic walkway, adorned with beautiful landscapes, softly glowing lights, and tasteful decorations, gently guides people towards the beach making every moment a cherished journey into seaside serenity.

Clear Vision
Creates Luxury

With this in mind, our team approached the project with a clear vision: to create a weekend getaway destination that would be both breathtaking and luxurious. We poured our heart and soul into every detail, from the layout design to the finishing touches. The result was a collection of villas that exceeded all expectations.

On the pleasant evening our client launched the project for sale, every home in Barefoot Bay was snapped up within a day. This was the ultimate seal of approval for our team, and confirmation that we had created something truly special.

In the end, Barefoot Bay was more than just a villa; it was a
testament to the power of creativity and vision, where even the
narrowest of spaces could be transformed into a dream come true.

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