Commercial Interior – Kids Product Retail

My Little One

Client : Mr. Mohamed Anwar
Size : 1337 Sq.ft.
Completion Date : Jun-17
Location : T.T.K. Road

Creating a Magical Space

We were fortunate to collaborate with our client, Mr. Anwar, who expressed a desire to launch a store specializing in children’s products. We collaborated for the first time, despite having no prior experience with this client. This project was entirely designed by us, from the interior design to every aspect of the commercial space.

Name that
touches hearts

The store, known as ‘My Little One,’ carries a fascinating backstory. The name evokes a sense of connection to one’s child on a subconscious level. This connection taps into the purest form of emotion that resides within us. Customers, without realizing it, naturally establish a bond with the store because they associate it with their little ones. This is why the name ‘My Little One’ was chosen, as it captures this heartfelt connection between the customer and the store.

It’s for the little ones

Before delving into the design aspects of the commercial space,

we considered who the target customers or audience would be. Since the commercial space focuses on babies and baby-related products, the primary audience consists of young people, particularly young couples with a baby or those planning to have one.

Design for delight

In the commercial space, we introduced a play area with a mushroom concept and a small grassy field under the mushroom, featuring a collection of toys. This allows parents to shop while their children play in a designated area. Next, we focused on the color scheme of the interior. Being architectural professionals, we understand the significance of colors in design.

The Evolving Identity
of success

We carefully selected vibrant and eye-catching colors, incorporating interesting elements such as rainbow color patterns on walls and cloud patterns on ceilings. These elements aim to capture the minds of young couples and individuals.

The project in Anna Nagar achieved remarkable success, leading the client to extend their business presence to Alwarpet. Impressed with our work, they entrusted us with designing another commercial space. Following the success in Alwarpet, the client expanded to an entire building in Adyar, featuring a vibrant elevation that we designed entirely. Riding on the wave of this success, our interior designs have become synonymous with the identity of their commercial spaces.

In the end, our innovative designs not only captivated customers but also became synonymous with the success and identity of our clients’ expanding commercial ventures.

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Transforming Visions into Reality

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Inspiring and transforming spaces
through innovative architectural design


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