Commercial Interior- Gold Plating Artifacts Showroom

Mantra Gold

Client : Mr. Pankaj
Size : 930 Sq.ft.
Completion Date : Mar-12
Location : Chennai

Spotlighting Gold

Our partnership with a Mantra Gold client marked the beginning of an enriching journey. Renowned for their mastery of gold plating artistry, this client yearned a huge appreciation for their exquisite masterpieces. Prior to this collaboration, they had maintained a good profile, recognized for their exceptional temple work.

Designing their brand

We were given the exciting task of creating a beautiful and functional interior space for a client’s venture. Our team met with the client to discuss their ideas and goals for the space. The client wanted to create a space that would showcase their products and services in a way that was both elegant and inspiring.

We worked closely with the client to develop a plan for the space. We considered the client’s needs and wants, as well as the company’s branding and target audience. Our team also drew inspiration from a variety of sources to create a unique and memorable space.

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Represents beauty and practical

The final design for the space was a blend of elegance and functionality.

The space was designed to be both beautiful and practical, and we were clear and careful when considering the client’s needs. The client was very pleased with the final design, and they felt that the space would perfectly represent their company.

An Interactive Journey

In the heart of this venture, a concept emerged: a meticulously crafted pooja room setup. The idea was to immerse visitors in an experience, allowing them to envision how the client’s work could enhance people’s sacred spaces. The showroom became a sacred place, where each piece resonates with the spiritual aura of a pooja room.

Changes beyond structures

The change of Mantra Gold extended beyond the physical spaces to encompass the very core of the brand’s identity. Recognizing the imperative of translating the client’s essence into a visual language, we meticulously designed a distinctive floral motif. This meticulously crafted structure, subsequently embraced as their symbol, epitomizes the essence of Mantra Gold – resonating the hearts and minds of their customers.

People became more interested in getting pooja rooms installed in their homes after the recent upgrades. They were now experts in creating sacred spaces. The collaboration between us was very smooth. We came up with the ideas, and our collaboration made it a reality.

We continued to work with Mantra Gold and helped them design and set up a new showroom in Ambattur. Our work with Mantra Gold was about transforming their business, brand, and our relationship with them.

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