Corporate Interior – GT group


Client : GT group
Size : 58,287 square feet
Completion Date : 2021
Location : Dummy text

Reimagining the Workplace

In OMR, JP, a prominent Chinese company, sought to redefine the ambiance within their office walls. Recognizing the need for a fresh perspective, they turned to us, and through systematic collaboration, a transformative project began to take shape.

Interactive Journey

Led by our client’s ambitious vision, we set off on an exciting creative adventure. As we delved deeper into their world, we discovered their mastery of the machinery industry, where precision and innovation intertwine. This revelation sparked a surge of creativity within us, driving us to develop a groundbreaking concept that pushed the boundaries of the ordinary.

Propelling forward for the best

To capture the company spirit of moving
forward and striving to be the best,

We designed a name board with fan blades, with each blade carefully crafted to shine like a beacon. The blades stand for progress, movement, and an endless drive to be the best. It’s not just a sign, it’s a symbol of the company’s hard work and dedication.

Ideas Take Center Stage

The conference room was the center of this amazing change. It was a place where people came together to share ideas, make plans, and create new things. We designed the room so that it was both aesthetic and practical. At its core, a platform emerged – a stage for product demonstrations, conferences, and presentations. Here, the machinery that defined the client’s business took center stage, surrounded by an atmosphere conducive to innovation and collaboration.

A Space for

The workspace was designed to be more than just a place to sit and work. It was a living, breathing space that reflected the energy and creativity of the company. Every detail, from the layout of the desks to the colors on the walls, was carefully chosen to create a space that was both functional and inspiring.

We showed our design to the client as our vision turned into reality. Their excitement was the green signal to start the work. Soon, the ordinary office space in OMR would become a symbol of creativity, a perfect mix of beauty and usefulness that matched the spirit of JP.

In the end, a new chapter unfolded – a testament to the interaction between cultures, the fusion of creativity and industry and the transformative power of a well-crafted space.

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