Commercial Interior – Coffee Shop

Hindu – EA Mall

Client : M/s The Hindu
Size : 415 Sq.ft
Completion Date : Jan-18
Location : EA Mall

Creating Experience Center

In Express Avenue Mall, a unique vision was born out of collaborative minds. The Hindu Newspaper firm, a stalwart in the media industry, sought to transcend traditional boundaries and bring their content to life in a tangible and interactive way. Thus, the concept of a commercial project emerged as a beacon of creativity, innovation, and collaboration.

Concept that

The genesis of this endeavor lay in the Hindu Newspaper firm’s desire to commercialize their diverse content. The idea was elegant in its simplicity: create a distinctive space within the busy mall where people could unwind and immerse themselves in the world of newspapers, magazines, and customized items. From personally customized printed t-shirts for each customer to bespoke crafts crafted from newspapers, the envisioned space aimed to offer a unique experience for visitors.

Our main goal was straightforward—to showcase and commercialize the extensive range of products from the Hindu Newspaper company. Achieving success in this venture would set a precedent for future projects in different places. Yet, turning this vision into reality posed several challenges, and we tackled each hurdle with determination.
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Against the Odds

Designing the interior of the space
posed a series of challenges,

Particularly because it featured an open lounge at its center. We aimed to create a distinctive ceiling that would capture attention from across the hall. The unconventional concept we came up with was to use newspaper prints for the ceiling. Executing this idea presented a significant challenge, as ensuring continuity in the placement of the newspaper was no small feat. To address this, our team invested considerable effort in designing the wallpaper. We carefully numbered each section, facilitating clear instructions for the labor force to follow. The precision and dedication we applied throughout the process ensured that every element fell into place seamlessly, resulting in a flawless and unique newspaper-printed ceiling for the open lounge.

Ink to Innovation

As we carefully considered every detail of the space, our main focus was to add a personal touch. Our focus extended to the chairs, where we aimed for distinctiveness. Opting for a blend of teal and white chairs, we created a visually appealing ambiance. While working on the white chair, our objective was to introduce uniqueness by incorporating a newspaper print into the fabric, fostering a lounge-like atmosphere. Overcoming challenges with ink adherence, we experimented with various fabrics, successfully achieving a durable result. The client expressed immense satisfaction with the final concept, underscoring the success of our efforts.

Bridging Past and Present

To further elevate the ambiance, we came up with a central attraction—an impressive cup model around a pillar, becoming the focal point of the lounge. We paid close attention to every tiny detail, working late into the night to meet the mall’s rules. Our commitment to perfection and following the guidelines highlights our dedication to delivering an outstanding project.

The culmination of this transformative journey resulted in a space that showcased creativity and dedication. Hindu – EA Mall seamlessly merges the realms of media and commerce, offering patrons an immersive experience that transcends conventional expectations. The careful intertwining of design elements, from the intricate ceiling to the resilient fabric prints, embodies the essence of the Hindu Newspaper firm’s brand.

On the Whole, The Hindu – EA Mall is a commercial hub that proves the unstoppable force of creativity and innovation. The thoughtful combination of design elements, from the detailed ceiling to the durable fabric prints, captures the true spirit of the Hindu Newspaper’s brand.

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