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M/s Concord

Client : M/s Concord
Size : 9915 Sq.Ft.
Completion Date : Jun-11
Location : Egmore

An interesting opportunity

Concor, short for Container Corporation of India Limited, is a public sector undertaking that specializes in providing inland transport services for containers through rail networks. On a particular day, we were presented with a captivating opportunity: the assignment to design the interiors of Concor’s office space.

A Workspace that Moves

Anticipation permeated the atmosphere as we imagined crafting a workspace. Immersed in our tasks with fervor and creativity, we carefully strategize every aspect of Concor’s office interior. Our goal was to encapsulate the core values of the company, integrating elements that would serve as a source of inspiration for both employees and visitors.

From conceptualizing the design to choosing the ideal color scheme, we dedicated ourselves wholeheartedly to the project. Our vision was to craft a space that harmoniously combined practicality and visual appeal, establishing an atmosphere conducive to both productivity and creativity.

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Ambiance Takes a New Turn

When we started to work,

there was a huge column in the center. Space planning was planned around that so that we didn’t waste work space. The column then became a design element in the open office. A 10’ walkway was designed between the cabins & the workstations. Since they have a huge visitor footfall this space was given a circular waiting seater which was visually appealing. Conference room with a 20 seater capacity was created with today’s activity in mind.

Twist in the tale

Additionally, we crafted a conference room with 20-seat capacity, tailored to modern office needs. The soft, inviting ambiance, with pastel tones of beige, wine, and a hint of turquoise, fosters engagement. Proposing an open office concept with glass doors transformed the space, previously closed, into a vibrant environment. Glass doors symbolize openness, inviting the world in. Concor’s approval signals a fresh chapter in their office atmosphere.

Binding Design
and Execution

Concor’s office interior showcases a well-implemented design that seamlessly integrates aesthetic elements. It serves as a testament to the harmonious collaboration between talented designers and Concor’s active engagement in the process.

Concor’s leadership nurtured a work environment that embodied the company’s values, promoting a positive and productive atmosphere. The thoughtfully designed office space emerged as a source of pride for every Concor employee, signifying their dedication to excellence in both transportation services and the overall aesthetics of the workplace.

And so, the story of Concor’s improved office space became a great example of how a well-thought-out plan could be made real with the right mix of creativity and action.

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