Commercial – Open Wedding Hall

Mr. Ram

Client : Mr.Ram
Size : 75260 Sq.ft.
Completion Date : In Progress
Location : Bangalore

A calm and composed nature

In the middle of Bangalore, there’s a charming project surrounded by nature. Covering a large area, the site is filled with lively trees, blooming flowers, and a calm river close by. The beautiful scenery makes it a peaceful space in the busy city, creating a calm setting that captures the senses.

Idea of memorable experience

The project presented a significant challenge due to the terrain’s contours. The land exhibited a slope of approximately 10 feet towards the river, and the client’s objective was to construct a wedding hall. Instead of the usual idea of a closed space, we came up with something new: an open wedding hall that blends in with the nature around it. The aim was simple – to make a place where celebrating love matches the beautiful scenery, making it a memorable experience.

Guided by the land’s step-like structure, our team envisioned a wedding style concept. Analyzing the contours carefully, we strategized on filling, cutting down, and elevating, ensuring a design that complemented the natural form and also proved a cost-efficient and elegant structure.

Designing excellence

We took advantage of the land’s shape to cleverly
build a dining hall with air conditioning,

Creating a useful and cozy area.The result of our detailed planning materialized into a 1000-seat capacity hall, strategically positioned to optimize scenic views. The concept incorporated designated spaces for marriage ceremonies and flower decorations. Beyond the expansive open area, our vision extended to a sheltered space with all four sides open, ideal for buffet setups or covered events.

Shaping through Ideas

It was made even more versatile by carefully planned spaces, such as the open area for parties, the covered area for events, and the air-conditioned dining room. The outdoor party area was a perfect mix of nature’s beauty, stylish architecture, and modern features. This resulted in a flexible space that could be used for many different kinds of events, all of which were surrounded by beautiful scenery.

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A versatile way

The project combined old and new ideas in a very pleasing way. There was an old house with classic columns on the property that needed to be fixed up.

Instead of tearing it down, we planned to fix it up and turn it into elegant rooms for brides to get ready in. We also cleverly placed guest rooms to make use of the space. We used the natural shape of the land and carefully fixed up the old house to make a design that blended tradition and modernity. The rooms have a royal feel that goes well with the overall atmosphere of the place.

On the whole, our open party hall concept sets a new standard to innovation and thoughtful design. It shows a new way to think and create spaces that make an experience that will be remembered forever.

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