Monkey Monk

Client : Mr. Bharath
Size : 4 Acres
Completion Date : Oct-16
Location : ECR

Spotlighting the Spot

Starting a thrilling project, our client sought to transform their expansive 4-acre property into an ideal venue for corporate outings. We faced our first challenge when it came to creating a brand. After some brainstorming sessions, we came up with the unique and captivating name “Monkey Monk.” We believe that everyone has both a playful side (monkey) and a contemplative side (monk) within them. Our tagline, “Play in Between,” encourages people to embrace both aspects, capturing the attention of onlookers.

Snap, share, and shine

As you step into Monkey Monk,We skillfully blend various elements together to create a seamless entrance. Picture a Japanese Zen garden at the entrance, inviting everyone in. It’s a cool blend of the fun energy of a monkey and the vibe of a monk.

To enhance the fun of Monkey Monk, we’ve introduced a dedicated space designed for capturing memorable photos. Recognizing the widespread trend of sharing cherished moments on social media, we’ve crafted a unique area to attract photography enthusiasts. Our vibrant backdrop features recycled tubes arranged in an artistic curve, affixed to a bamboo structure, adorned with the Monkey Monk brand. Every photo taken here automatically becomes a unique advertisement when shared on social media platforms.

Dancing in the Rain Shower

In our project, we focused on enhancing the rain dance
area to make it a more versatile space.

Beyond serving as a rain dance area we envisioned it as a place for relaxation with music and dance. To make it more attractive, we incorporated a unique theme inspired by Red Indian culture, carefully customizing the entire rain dance space. Within our project, we specifically focused on transforming the rain shower area into a versatile space.

Theme of Delight

We adopted a thematic approach to create a distinctive and pleasant atmosphere, with the goal of making every moment spent in this area a memorable experience. Our dedication to detail and creativity led to the development of a rain dance space that seamlessly combines functionality with thematic delight.

Experience the Unexpected

We’ve created “MM Eats”, a chic outlet with a sophisticated atmosphere for a quick bite. Introducing “MM Club,” an exclusive overnight retreat, that ensures a well-rounded and memorable stay. Enjoy a wide range of food options and leisure at the intersection of style and comfort.

Initially, we considered a ticket counter model for Monkey Monk, akin to amusement parks. However, the client opted for a business-to-business (B2B) approach, requiring pre-booked visits and decided to implement Phase 2. Completing the exhilarating Phase 1, we proposed Phase 2, introducing new restaurants at Monkey Monk. An enhancement aims to elevate the overall visitor experience by offering diverse food options, ensuring an even more enjoyable visit for everyone.

The story of Monkey Monk shows how committed we are to turning places into lively, special spaces that go beyond our usual expectations.

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